Ministry of Peace and Social Justice

The Website of Rev. John Paul Ransom

Rev. John has an unquenchable thirst for peace, justice, and the coming of God's Kin-dom on Earth. He has dedicated his life to activism in response to Jesus' command to "Follow me." As an activist, he has taken to the streets, to pulpits, conferences, workshops and more to preach and teach the joy, compassion and obligation of discipleship.

From sit-ins, farmworker marches, marriage equality rallies, immigration reform actions, anti-bullying campaigns and more, he calls people to serve God's justice, showing the way in his own life.

In this website, you will find out more about Rev. John, what he believes, and what he is prepared to do for you and your congregation. He offers lectures, sermons, retreats, pulpit-filling, workshops, and more.

"You are Christ's hands and feet on earth."

There is nothing more important to all Creation today than justice. Around the world, humanity is hurting. From rainforest destruction to human trafficking to sweat shops to poverty and homelessness, to inequality in all its forms, to war and violence, to imperialism, the world is filled with the injustice abhorred by God.

If you want peace, work for justice.

For Christians, the incarnation on Earth of God in Christ calls us to represent God's loving interest in the world. As children of a loving God, created equal by the Almighty, we serve God's agenda ahead of our own. As part of a common humanity, we are summoned to spread justice and peace to the world and to all our siblings regardless of their faith or absence thereof.

What does God demand of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God? Micah 6:8

Emerging Revolution: Toward a Global Moral Ethic

An important new book by Rev. John!


From the back cover:


Extreme and world-wide maldistribution of wealth and power have now precipitated a breaking point. Revolution against oppression is emerging, in different forms, on a global scale. Examining the history of change movements, Ransom concludes that the world’s 99% can indeed control the direction and outcome of the inevitable revolution. And he issues a surprising call for revolutionary prophetic leadership, inviting consideration of common principles upon which all peoples might begin to realize the emergence of a world of peace.



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